Gather 'Round

As part of the 2009 Art Shanty Projects, John and Corrie developed a talk show for the Black Box Theater Shanty. Have a look at the episode index on the right side of the page and join us for some fishing, some talking, some singing, and a few tater tots.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017


John and Corrie talk with Elliot about Legos, soy cheese pizza, and how a good day is like a festival of pork.

Alexi Powell

In honor of Charles Darwin's 200th birthday, Corrie and John are joined by evolutionary biologist Alexi Powell for a discussion of the evolution of bird coloration patterns. We discuss dinorsaurs, the color blue, and then some Europeans try to take over the show.

Foxy Tann and Friends

John Interviews Foxy Tann and friends. Corrie makes some grilled cheese sandwiches. Sweet Lily Bee performs.

Luisa Tetrazzini, Part 2

John Interviews Luisa Tetrazzini about pasta, bleach, and mens' pants.

Luisa Tetrazzini, Part 1

Corrie looks for his co-host, and eventually John welcomes Luisa Tetrazzini.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Aerial View

An aerial image of the Black Box Theater Shanty taken from Chris Wegscheid's Picavet Cross-mounted, kite-flown camera.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

On Tour

John and Corrie take a walking tour of the 2009 Art Shanty Projects. Along the way they run into Wendy Knox and her dogs.